Speedshop is a Ruby on Rails performance consultancy that optimizes the full stack - frontend, backend and environment - to generate revenue and cut scaling costs for businesses on Rails through tools, information and training. Fast sites are profitable sites. Speed is a feature.

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Who is Speedshop?

Speedshop is me, Nate Berkopec. I've been working on Ruby on Rails applications for almost 10 years, and I've taught thousands how to make their apps faster, more scalable, and more maintainable. I maintain Puma, the popular open-source Ruby application server. You're probably running my code on your Rails server right now, somewhere.

I've given talks at dozens of conferences. You can view some of those talks on YouTube.

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  • Full-stack and user-first. Your users have to go through the full stack to use your application - so we optimize at every level. All performance optimization flows from the end-user experience.
  • Never underestimate developers. Many performance tools, consultancies and teams today believe that developers only have a limited capacity to understand performance issues. Speedshop believes in the unlimited capacity of software developers to learn, and that even the most complex performance issue is not out of the reach of any.
  • Performance and deployment are essentials, not luxuries. All organizations have performance goals and targets, but they are left unstated. Is it acceptable for this page to load in more than 2 minutes? No? Then you have a requirement. What is measured is managed.
  • Optimization without measurement is premature. By applying a rigorous, scientific process to optimization we can be certain that optimizations are necessary and successful.
  • Measurement is worthless without context. Measurement is not a panacea. Relative benchmarking (% improved/faster) should generally not be used when an absolute benchmark (# of milliseconds/seconds faster) would be more relevant and provide more context. Metrics alone cannot help if they are not understood.
  • Simple and fast are complements, not mutually exclusive. We cannot optimize what we do not understand. Code that is simple is usually also fast. Optimizing code does not necessarily make it more complicated or harder to read.
  • Experimentation over best practice. Best-practice-driven development allows lazy decision-making. Instead, we can use precise measurement and abundant experimentation to determine what works in a specific organization.

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