Speedshop is a Ruby on Rails performance consultancy that optimizes the full stack - frontend, backend and environment - to generate revenue and cut scaling costs for businesses on Rails. It's not uncommon for Speedshop clients to halve their server costs and improve perceived load times by 300%. Fast sites are profitable sites. Speed is a feature.

Products and Services

  • The Complete Guide to Rails Performance, an in-depth 370 page book and 17 hours of HD screencasts and interviews with top experts, including DHH himself.
  • Workshops. I run public and private 1-day workshops to teach fundamental Ruby performance skills. 2019: Workshops happening across the USA.
  • Tune, a custom, step-by-step action plan to solve the performance problems of your Ruby web application.
  • Speedshop Blog, the number one Ruby on Rails performance blog on the 'net.

Who is Speedshop?

Speedshop is me, Nate Berkopec. I've worked for several startups, including Craft Coffee (YC S14), Unwind Me (YC S14), Scaffold (500 Startups), Branch (now a division of Facebook) and many others. I'm a contributor to several open source projects, such as Ruby on Rails and Sentry.

I've given talks at NYC.rb, GORUCO, Rubyconf and Railsconf.


  • Full-stack and user-first. Your users have to go through the full stack to use your application - so we optimize at every level. HTML, JavaScript, CSS often contribute far more to perceived load than your application response times.
  • Less before more. No code is the fastest code. When given a choice, we prefer less code to more code, fewer dependencies, and smaller libraries. Do just enough to meet the requirements, and no more. This website, for example, weighs just 10KB.
  • ...but business comes first. That's not to say that we eschew all complexity! Speedshop prefers modifying existing solutions rather than complete rewrites. The goal of performance optimization is either to save money by reducing server costs or increase revenue by providing a better user experience. Both of these goals have to be weighed against any performance optimization.
  • Not a rocketship. Speedshop will never take outside equity funding.

You can contact Speedshop via email.